Adult Speech and Language Therapy Overview

Communication is central to our lives. It enable us to make and maintain relationships, to work to learn, explore and keep in touch with our world. We also understand our past and make plans for our future using communication. Often we connect with others around a meal, with eating and socialising being central to our interaction.

The ability to communicate and swallow is something most of us take for granted. Yet when one suffers a neurological insult the value of communication, cognition and swallowing become valuable and treasured commodities.

The speech-language therapists at RehabWorx specialise in acquired speech, language, swallowing and/or other cognitive-communication disorders and endeavour to re-connect patient’s with their communicative partners. We form an active part of the multidisciplinary treatment team and provide intervention to guide and assist individuals in communicating, eating and drinking in an attempt to enhance the patient and his/ her significant other’s overall quality of life in a social environment.

Megan Barnes and Liezel Spies met at the University of Pretoria whilst studying Speech-language therapy. Both showed a passion and interest in the treatment of patients with neurological disorders and were privileged to facilitate the Cognitive-Communication group in their 4th year, under the mentorship of Glenn Goldblum. Having graduated in 2000 with B. Communication Pathology at the University of Pretoria, it was inevitable that Liezel and Megan would eventually collaborate together and in January of 2005 they started together as partners in Private Practice at the Groenkloof Hospital. Liezel resigned from the practice in 2016 as her and her family relocated abroad. Megan Barnes is currently the sole owner of the Speech therapy practice.

Megan Barnes (Practice Owner)

B. Communication Pathology (UP)

Megan studied a B A degree specialising in English and Maths before changing direction to study Speech language Pathology. Having graduated as a speech therapist in 2000, Megan worked under the mentorship of Karin Theron for 2 years in a private neuro practice. In 2003, Megan joined Life Rehabilitation, where she worked as the Head speech-language therapist and as assistant therapy manager of the unit and it is here where she developed a strong appreciation for the value of multidisciplinary team work. In 2005, Megan joined Liezel Spies as co-owner of the speech therapy practice at RehabWorx. Megan was privileged to attend a course in Scotland, presented by Jeri Logeman, in the training of swallowing disorders in 2003. Megan has furthered her interest in swallowing disorders and is a certified Vital Stim therapist.

Megan has fulfilled the role of secretary on the SANRA committee for 2 consecutive terms.

Liezel and Megan are part of the My Stroke task team involved in establishing stroke guidelines in South Africa.