Adult Speech and Language Therapy @ RehabWorx

We render a full time speech-language therapy service to our patients. Individual therapy may focus on one or more of the following areas:

▪ Language Therapy
Addresses acquired language disorders such as aphasia with an emphasis on increasing overall comprehension of language, ability to express or communicate needs, and the effective use of language during social interactions.

▪ Speech Therapy
Addresses motor speech disorders such as apraxia and dysarthria, which may include a focus on disorders of articulation, phonation, resonance, vocal quality, pitch, intensity, rate, fluency and prosody of speech.

▪ Cognitive-Communication Therapy
May include basic orientation, attention training, use of compensatory tools for memory deficits, organization and planning skills, functional problem solving, increase in awareness of errors/deficits, community reintegration and executive functioning.

▪ Augmentative Communication
May include the development of an alternate communication system such as gestures, signs, yes/no cards, picture boards to enable the individual to express wants/needs and interact with others.