Swallowing or Dysphagia Therapy @ RehabWorx

We specialise in treating swallowing problems in all neurological conditions and in patients who have undergone surgery for head and neck cancer.

As speech therapists, swallowing therapy is also an integral part of our service. Swallowing difficulties are a common sequelae following neurological involvement and can cause difficulty with eating or drinking which, if not managed, can result in chest infections including pneumonia. Pneumonia is due to food or liquid passing into the windpipe and lungs instead of the stomach. Dehydration or constipation may also result.

The speech therapists at RehabWorx are trained and certified in Vitalstim therapy. Vitalstim therapy is a safe and effective treatment modality for patients with swallowing difficulties which serves to strengthen the facial and throat muscles.

What is Vital Stim?

VitalStim Therapy is an FDA cleared method to promote swallowing through the application of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to the swallowing muscles in conjunction with conventional swallowing exercises, with the goal to strengthen and re-educate the muscular system and improve motor control of the swallowing mechanism.

Dysphagia is very common following a stroke and various neurological diseases. Despite its common prevalence, few patients receive a formal diagnosis of dysphagia. Many of these patients develop serious complications. Very few effective treatment techniques are available to the treating therapist. VitalStim Therapy, the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation in conjunction with traditional exercise therapy, has shown good potential to provide significant and lasting improvement from this debilitating affliction.

For more information, visit www.vitalstim.com