Physiotherapy @ RehabWorx

The body's movement and general functionality can be severely affected by a stroke or neurological condition. Early assessment and treatment of the body’s physical condition is imperative in facilitating positive brain plasticity and stimulating neural pathways which results in better functional outcomes with discharge. 

The Physiotherapists at RehabWorx use International Standardized Outcome Measures to assess and re-asses an individual’s progress. Treatments are goal directed to achieve short and long term goals, keeping patients motivated and encouraged. Using outcome measures serves as a tangible means to monitor and track progress for both the patient and the therapist.

During therapy, we aim to improve the body’s overall function and movement to facilitate both independence and confidence. To facilitate function we address mobility, gait pattern, balance, strength, tone, co-ordination, sensory and endurance problems and all aspects identified during our comprehensive assessment. Should the individual require chest treatment, we provide good chest treatments aiming at clearing secretions and increasing aeration. We value good positioning of an individual not just for comfort, but also to compliment the chest treatments.

Rehabilitation commences at admission into ICU or the neuro-ward with the aim of introducing the patients as soon as possible to our gym. Once the patient is medically stable, treatment continues in our sunny, fully equipped gym with good quality equipment.  Read more…

RehabWorx hosts the Pretoria FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) clinic. Our clinicians are trained to perform assessments and to objectively recommend the device should it assist the patient’s walking pattern and improve the individual’s quality of life. Read more…

Retha Nienaber (Practice Owner)

BPhysT 2001 (University of Pretoria)
Bobath 2006
Advanced Bobath 2013
Certified LSVT BIG® clinician 2019 (Birmingham, UK)

Retha Nienaber is the physiotherapy practice owner, living out her passion in the field of adult neuro physiotherapy. After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2001, Retha worked abroad in Wales and London within the field of physiotherapy. In 2005, Retha returned to South Africa where she worked at Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital under Rita Henn and Partners Inc, where she developed a firm rehabilitation and neuro foundation. In 2007 she was approached to be a co-director of the physiotherapy practice Buhrs and Nienaber Inc at RehabWorx and became sole owner in May of 2011.

Retha has been supervising fourth year students at RehabWorx since 2007. She served as a part time neurology lecturer at the University of Pretoria for the third year physiotherapy students in 2008 and 2009. She is a keen FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) clinician and has been using the device in treatments and recommending the use thereof since 2005. 

Retha has served on the SANRA (South African Neurological Rehabilitation Association) conference committee for 6 years (2006 -2012) arranging biennial congresses.

More recent passions include treating patients with Vestibular Disorders with Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy and using the LSVT BIG® approach treating patients with Parkinson’s Disease.