Physiotherapy @ RehabWorx

Physiotherapy @ RehabWorx

The body's movement and general functionality can be severely affected by a stroke or neurological condition. Early assessment and treatment of the body’s physical condition is imperative in facilitating positive brain plasticity and stimulating neural pathways which results in better functional outcomes with discharge.

The Physiotherapists at RehabWorx use International Standardized Outcome Measures to assess and re-asses an individual’s progress. Treatments are goal directed to achieve short and long term goals, keeping patients motivated and encouraged. Using outcome measures serves as a tangible means to monitor and track progress for both the patient and the therapist. read more..

Pretoria FES Clinic

RehabWorx hosts the Pretoria FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) clinic. We have trained FES clinicians who perform FES assessments to establish if a patient will benefit from the device. Should the patient feel the benefit, the clinician also assists in the set-up of the device according to each patient’s individual needs and trains the patient and or family in the use thereof. The device is also used as part of therapy to stimulate muscle activity and correct biomechanics when walking to ensure a functional walking pattern. read more..


Specialised equipment is used to facilitate the patient’s mobility and functionality. We have a wide variety of equipment ranging from a tilt table, standing frame, different walking aids, Bobath plinths, the Wii (to address co-ordination, balance and upper limb function), different hand function activities, a treadmill, static bike, a Motomed and the Golvo. read more..

Spinal Surgery

Physiotherapy is required following all spinal surgical interventions. Pre-operative treatments are provided when indicated. Most importantly is the post-operative advice, exercise programme and assistance with resuming independent walking. Referral to an occupational therapist is advised, should the patient require assistance with functional tasks such as washing and dressing, following a lower back fusion. read more..