Pretoria FES Clinic

RehabWorx hosts the Pretoria FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) clinic. We have trained FES clinicians who perform FES assessments to establish if a patient will benefit from the device. Should the patient feel the benefit, the clinician also assists in the set-up of the device according to each patient’s individual needs and trains the patient and or family in the use thereof. The device is also used as part of therapy to stimulate muscle activity and correct biomechanics when walking to ensure a functional walking pattern.

What is a FES device?

FES produces contractions in muscles affected due to central nervous system lesions, by means of an electrical stimulation. The electrical device is designed to assist with gait difficulties such as the inability to clear the toes (dropped foot) when walking, allowing the heel to strike the ground first.

How does it work?

Two self-adhesive electrodes are positioned on the skin close to the nerve supplying the muscle allowing communication with the stimulator to contract the muscle. Two leads are connected to the stimulator, 1 lead connecting the electrodes and the other the foot switch which activates and de-activates the working of the device.

Who can use it?

Complete nerve innervation is required for the device to work, thus patients with an upper motor neuron lesion will benefit from the use of the device. These include patients suffering from a stroke, brain trauma, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. Benefits reported by patients are improved balance, walking speed, endurance and confidence when walking. All of the above directly influence quality of life. The effectiveness of the FES device is confirmed by both the users and the vast body of research which has been conducted.


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