RehabWorx Out-patient Therapy Programme

We offer a comprehensive therapy facility of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy under one roof.

Wendy Theron, our competent rehabilitation secretary will assist with all appointments and will answer any administrative questions which you may require.

Patients visit our facility for out-patient treatment from all over the city which contributes to the vibrant vibe in the gym. The frequency of treatments depends on the individuals needs and is determined at assessment and re-evaluated on an on-going basis. Biannual reports are written to keep your referring doctor abreast of your functional status.

Our facility allows us to provide comprehensive treatments, from all involved disciplines, for up to 1 hour sessions at a time. Our friendly, sunny gym and dedicated therapists, endeavour to lift the patients’ morale and motivate them in their rehabilitation. The benefit of the peer support has proven to be very positive and encouraging.

Home Exercise Programmes

RehabWorx patients are provided with a home exercise programme to compliment the gains made in therapy and facilitate continued progress. The benefits of following a daily home exercise programme lies in the discipline of the patient. New programmes are issued according to improvement or new challenges faced by the patient.