Occupational Therapy @ RehabWorx

Occupational Therapy is the treatment of physical and psychiatric conditions through specific activities in order to help people reach their maximum level of function and independence in all aspects of daily life.

At RehabWorx, our team of Occupational Therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify your abilities and any limitations in participation in your personal care, work and leisure routines.

Simple tasks such as washing, dressing, and conducting personal hygiene are all activities that are important to patients yet can be difficult to do once the neurological system has been affected. Retraining of basic activities of daily living, meal planning, cooking, driving and returning to work are fundamental in ensuring the patient lives a healthy and fulfilling life amidst his/ her disability.

To achieve functional independence the Occupational Therapists focuses on the following aspects:

  • Assessment and treatment of current abilities in activities of daily living. This will include where necessary assessment of physical or motor skills as well as mental processing skills.
  • To improve hand functions and prevent deformities through the provision of specialised splints, undertaking specific exercises to work on muscle strength, range of movement and sensory re- education and to practice specific activities to improve hand function. Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation is also used.
  • Visual Perceptual Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Assessment and prescription of adaptive devices and liaison with appropriate funders and agencies for the purchase of recommended equipment
  • Home visits to advise on functional home modifications
  • Carer and family training
  • Work Assessments

Nikki de Beer (Practice Owner)

B.Occ (University of the Freestate)

Nikki de Beer, qualified as an Occupational Therapist from the University of the Free State in 1996. She worked in an acute, private, psychiatric hospital for a year before venturing to the USA and England for work experience, specialising in the field of Neurology, for a period of 5 and a half years.

Nikki bought the current Occupational therapy practice in 2003. She has a special interest in Neurology and completed the community Bobath course whilst in England.

Nikki served as chairperson of the Stroke Support group in Pretoria for 2 years and was actively involved on the committee for 4 years.

Nikki is married to Marius and mother to Elize and Hilda. She competes in open water swimming and road running and believes that you have to use the talents entrusted to you to live a balanced, full life and enrich the lives of others.

Nikki’s life motto is to enjoy what you do, give your best and honour the Lord.