Home/Work Visits

Home Visits
Prior to a patient being discharged home, a home visit can be arranged by the Occupational Therapist. The main goal of a home visit is to ensure a person’s safety at home and to provide practical advice best suited for the person’s return home, adapting the environment and arranging adaptive equipment where necessary.

Should follow-up visits be required post discharge, it can be arranged, depending on the location of the home and the capacity of the particular therapist.

Work visits
When a patient is due to return to their work, after a neurological incident and there are concerns about their capacity to wo rk, a detailed work visit is carried out by the Occupational Therapist and feedback given to the Neurologist and the Patient’s superior at work.

Such an evaluation will include: Arm and hand function, functional mobility, vision, hearing and communication, cognition, psychological, self-care, transport and social skills pertaining to the persons specific work specifications.

Should any of the above skills interfere with a person’s ability to return to work, therapy can target specific aspects to improve these skills.